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ASA values the opinions of all our customers. Here’s what our customers are saying about their experience with us. We look forward to being able to provide you the same customer service and protection during your next trip.

We have been clients of ASA since we moved to Mexico 20 years ago. Everyone has been extremely attentive to any question or need we have. When my husband was in an accident and had to be rushed to the hospital ASA not only handled the expenses, but also was in contact with us during the entire process. When we returned home they even followed up to see how my husband was doing. A lot of people can sell you an insurance policy, the service and care that ASA offers is one of a kind.

Margarita I.

I want to thank everyone at ASA for helping me this past summer. I had been accepted into an exchange student program abroad. Two days before my departure the school informed me I needed to have health insurance, or I wouldn't be able to attend. I searched the State Department and contacted several companies, all of which told me they could not help me. Fortunately, I contacted ASA who was able to not only issue my policy during our call, but also send the school a letter confirming I was covered. Now that I am back from this adventure, I needed to say thank you. There is no doubt that without you I would have missed this life changing opportunity.

Gabriela M.

This is a letter I felt I needed to send in an appreciation for one of the best agents, of any kind, I have ever worked with. I have had my family moving around the globe since 1999. Trying to find health insurance, as an American, living overseas has always been a big challenge and concern. I was introduced to Alonso Cornejo in 2005. He quickly understood our needs and well exceeded just about anyone from a service provider industry that I have ever spoke with. I looked up IHI when Alonso recommended that care for us. It was claimed to be the number one customer service in the health insurance industry. With people like Alonso, representing that product, they are lucky. We have moved back to the USA and are going with a healthcare provider here in California. Even cancelling our policy, Alonso was gracious and excellent to work with, and extremely prompt.

Alonso treats the customer with care and respect. We even had a baby son in New Zealand last January, which wasn't very easily logistically. Knowing, if there was any kind of problem, I could pick up the phone and call definitely made life a lot better. I am happy we never needed to use our insurance, just knowing we were covered was worth every penny. I appreciate having done business with ASA, Inc. especially with this kind of customer service. I will go out of my way to recommend Alonso to anyone that is in our situation.

We will be a customer again in the future. I am sure of it. 

John Z.
New Zealand

I want to express my great appreciation for all of your extra help getting our employees and their families signed up last month for travel policies. Not only did you find an appropriate policy for your needs and help me sign up employees, several times you adjusted the policies when we wanted to belatedly add and change family coverage. You were consistently courteous and helpful, despite the challenges I presented with each phone call! Thank you very much for making a complicated process easier for us and for doing it with such professionalism and kindness.

Debora K.

The staff at ASA Inc. are so amazing! I consider myself very fortunate to have them working on my behalf. I recently suffered a medical emergency and ASA was there for me making sure that all of my needs were met, taking care of doctors' authorizations, etc. so that I had nothing to worry about except getting better. They return my phone calls promptly and seem to take a personal interest in my welfare. I highly recommend their services.

Katherine S.

Very knowledgeable and patient and kind. I spoke to Alonso, who answered all my questions (there were a lot) and helped me explore all my options without getting frustrated or short. Alesha helped me communicate with my doctors to submit the necessary paperwork. They made the whole process very easy.

Mallory D.
South Korea

ASA has been our agent since 1997. The Cornejo family runs this out of Phoenix. They have been impeccably honest, capable, hard-working on our behalf, even going to battle for us when the insurance company made a four-figure mistake. They are experts on international insurance. I strongly urge anyone to use an agent like ASA instead of dealing directly with an insurance company it does not cost you anything extra to use them. And I can give the Cornejos an A+++ recommendation based on a 15-year relationship.

David H.