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About Us

It is my pleasure to welcome you to ASA, Inc.

ASA was founded in 1990 as a family business. Prior to starting ASA, my mother and father were both diagnosed a year apart with cancer. Soon after my father’s diagnosis, he lost his job, and along with it, his ability to support his family.

Coverage for his ongoing cancer treatments were denied by the insurance company. With a family of five to care for, including three young children, my father resolved to make it his life’s work to help others find the proper insurance coverage.

While undergoing radiation treatment, he formulated his vision and ASA was born—the company’s mission is to provide people peace of mind by offering health insurance coverage anywhere they happen to be in the world—and to hold insurance companies accountable for the commitments they make to policyholders. We want to be a voice for clients in the complicated world of insurance.

Growing up, I would often help out in the family business after school and on the weekends. I formally began my professional career at ASA in 1998, answering phones and making copies. After working my way through the administrative areas of the business, I moved into sales and eventually became Vice President in 2007. After a long and successful career, my parents retired from the company in 2011. I purchased ASA and assumed the role of President & CEO.

In addition to overseeing the operations of ASA, I remain closely involved in sales because I truly enjoy working with our clients. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of parents find coverage for their child who is studying abroad, families who are excitedly planning their dream vacation and need travel coverage, professionals who are relocating for their job, and retirees looking to fulfill their lifelong dream of living abroad. For me, helping clients isn’t a job. It’s an honor and responsibility. It reminds me, on a daily basis, of the commitment my father made from his hospital bed.

Today, the family business continues with my wife Alesha working alongside me since 2010. Our young son, Adriano, enjoys visiting the office and talking on the phone ‘just like mommy and daddy.’

We serve clients in more than 150 countries and we continue to be guided by the same principles that my father envisioned and remain committed to our core values.

Alonso R. Cornejo
President & CEO

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Meet the team

Alonso Cornejo
President & CEO
Alesha Cornejo
Senior Account Manager
Arely Lopez
Senior Account Manager
Piero Aviles
Marisela Torres
International Insurance Consultant
Ruth Buckler
International Insurance Consultant
Sudy Coy
International Insurance Consultant
Andrew Gaddis
Web & Tech