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Health insurance for expats and long-term travelers.

Few people properly understand the need for long-term international medical insurance until the time comes that they need to make a claim, and are told that they have the wrong coverage. Unlike most domestic health insurance policies, an international health insurance policy will cover you whenever you need care in a foreign country. And unlike short-term travel insurance, a long-term international health insurance plan will provide coverage beyond incidental and emergency medical care, including pregnancy, pre-existing conditions, and preventive checkups. These policies are best suited for trips that are over 12 months.

Coverage for Trips
Lasting Longer Than
12 Months

Ideal for the the long-term traveler.
What Does Long-Term International Health Insurance Cover?
  • Trustworthy medical care anywhere around the world
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • Preventive care
  • Coverage for chronic conditions
  • Medical care within the U.S., as needed
  • Specialist care
  • Renewable coverage you can keep for life
Planning to Be Abroad for Less Than a Year?

If you’re traveling for less than 12 months, travel insurance is probably your best option for your short-term medical insurance needs.

We have a selection of travel insurance plans that can provide the right coverage for you.

Coverage That Extends Back to the US.

Remember, many international health insurance policies provide worldwide coverage, including medical care within the U.S. If something happens while you’re abroad and you would prefer to receive medical attention in the U.S., you may return to the United States and get treatment just as you would with a domestic health insurance policy.


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