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Health/Medical Insurance

International health/medical insurance is ideal for those planning to travel outside their home country for 12 months or more, or live abroad permanently. These major medical plans offer renewable coverage and many can be kept for life. This flexibility is perfect for long-term travelers or those who plan on living abroad. At ASA, we have an excellent selection of health/medical insurance policies that will meet your needs.

We handpick the best insurance providers for you

We don’t offer cookie-cutter policies. We find the ideal policy based on your exact needs. That way, you don’t end up paying for anything other than what you actually need.

Health/medical insurance covers trips lasting longer than 12 months

Health/medical insurance is ideal for long-term travelers and those who plan on living abroad. These plans offer coverage for trips that are longer than 12 months.

If you’re traveling for less than 12 months, travel insurance is the best solution for you. We have a selection of travel insurance plans that can provide the coverage you need.

Understanding international health insurance

International health insurance policies provide medical coverage abroad. Unlike the majority of travel insurance plans, international health insurance provides coverage for pre-exiting conditions, preventative care, chronic conditions and more. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that these benefits are not typically found in travel insurance policies until they need to make a claim and are told they don’t have the right coverage.

Why domestic coverage may not be enough

A common misconception is that domestic coverage is enough when traveling abroad. However, even if you have coverage in your home country, that coverage is unlikely to apply overseas. This makes international health insurance a necessity for anyone who needs medical coverage while traveling abroad for 12 months or more. If you’re abroad needing a policy that’s renewable and covers chronic conditions, pre-existing conditions, preventative care, or other types of medical care—international health insurance is right for you.

Using international health insurance in the U.S.

Many international health insurance policies provide worldwide coverage, including the U.S. If something happens while you’re abroad and you would prefer to receive medical attention in the U.S., you may return to the United States and get treatment just as you would with a domestic health insurance policy.