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Missionary Insurance

Missionary insurance is designed to cover a wide range of occurrences and events, taking care of your insurance needs while you serve others abroad. With coverages ranging from a few days to career missionaries, we have affordable, comprehensive plans for individuals, families, and groups. Our missionary insurance plans are suitable for individuals or organizations doing missionary or volunteer work abroad for six months or more.

Finding the right coverage for you

Short-term mission (less than 1 year)

Travel plans offer ideal coverage for mission trips under 1 year. Coverage includes medical evacuation, repatriation, maternity complications, and more.

Long-term mission (more than 1 year)

Health plans offer ideal coverage for mission trips that are 1 year or longer, and for career missionaries. Coverage includes medical evacuation, repatriation, maternity, pre-existing conditions, furlough coverage, and more.

Why missionary insurance is important

If you’re traveling abroad for missionary or volunteer work for six months or more, you’ll need missionary insurance to provide medical care and coverage in the case of an emergency, including evacuation and repatriation. Many missionary plans also provide coverage for family members and maternity care and are renewable for longer mission trips abroad.

If you need coverage for a trip that’s less than a year long and have primary coverage in your home country, an international travel insurance plan may be more cost effective than an international missionary insurance plan.

If you are traveling with a group

While the policy and benefits are generally the same between individual and group travel under missionary insurance, the two differ in terms of payment. Groups receive a discount based on the total number of individuals insured, starting with five or more people. With a group policy, there’s one form of payment. Individual policyholders pay for their own policies.