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ASA values the opinions of all our customers. Here’s what our customers are saying about their experience with us. We look forward to being able to provide you the same customer service and protection during your next trip.

For an upcoming trip to Brazil, we thought it would be smart to get some travelers' insurance. Alonso from ASA, Inc. quickly and helpfully provided me with quotes and helped me purchase the policy. Then, when it turned out I made a mistake inadvertently in the policy, Alonso kindly took care of it and fixed it for me. It was great to work with Alonso and I highly recommend him and ASA for all your travel needs!

David N.

ASA is the best! I have been using them for over 5 years for international health insurance/travel and have nothing negative to say. I would highly recommend using this company! All staff are wonderful people and really go the extra mile to accommodate you with travel insurance.

Joe D.
Dominican Republic

I have been a customer of ASA for over ten years, throughout changes in international residences and health. Rarely, these days, have I found a company so committed to its clients and as pleasant and responsive to work with. They are truly dedicated to the art of service. ASA has advised me on the necessary changes to my policies as I move and age, and seen me through major medical events with knowledgeable and assured advice and assistance in a timely and unwavering way. They have proven time and again that they can be counted on in every situation. This company and its dedicated people are amazing!

Karen A.

My wife and I recently traveled to India and didn't know the first thing about international insurance and how our normal insurance is seriously lacking in coverage. The crew at Asa Inc explained everything we needed to know and really took the extra time to inform us. They are truly there to help every step of the way. We will for sure be getting another policy when we go out of the country again. Thanks Asa Inc!

Greg F.

My family and I live in Cambodia and we worked ASA Inc to get all of our insurance policies. We were expecting a long and painful process of finding policies that fit all of our specific needs, but Alonso and his team made it very smooth and easy. They provided great information and took the time to answer all of our questions, big or small, and explained the complexities of the insurances in layman's terms. We were able to find insurance that is perfect for us!

Now that we've had the policies for some time, his team is still very responsive and works with us to navigate issues we have in submitting claims and understanding our benefits. Living across the world from them, we have to rely on email to communicate and they are always quick to respond and helpful.

I would highly recommend their services for anyone looking for international insurance!

Jacob R.

I have to take the time to express my sincere appreciation for the “Excellent Service” that you provide to our needs.

This miracle opportunity that has presented to our son has brought much happiness and STRESS to our lives. Indeed Patrick will pursue his dream and we pray that he makes good decisions and we also pray that he never has to use this insurance.

As we prepared the arrangements of his trip; “Medical Insurance” was by far the most stressful task that we had to do in such a short time.

We called different numbers for companies that we were provided, talked to other representatives; some directed us to their links, some took our calls very briefly or never returned our calls.

I have to express my sincere appreciation because YOU were by FAR the Most Professional and Efficient Person. You made us feel like you REALLY care about our needs and understood exactly what we needed.

Thanks so very much for your time and Proficient Service, even now referring us to your Colleague Alesha who will be our main point of contact.

Grace C.

My husband and I have been with ASA for several years after retiring to Mexico. The entire staff of ASA have always been available for us, friendly, helpful, and always looking out for our best interests. Once you are a client of ASA you are family to them. None of the staff will ever NOT be available for you nor will they NOT tackle the difficult questions to get you the information you need. We have international insurance with ASA and have always felt that all our needs are met and that should we encounter a health issue (where ever we are), that everyone at ASA will have our backs and go to bat for us if needed. We have contacted Alesha frequently for questions we have, etc. and she is always available, thorough, and we never feel like we are a bother. Communication and service are stellar and you would be wise to seek them out to be your agent for now and the future.

Shelly J.

I don't even know where to begin to describe my experience with your company. My family and I have been clients of yours, traveling the globe for the past decade, recently settling in Hong Kong. Up until this year we have only had small medical bills which were all processed efficiently. When I found out I needed to have a total knee replacement I contacted your office and spoke to Alesha. Within days I had an appointment with the top orthopedic surgeon. Prior to my surgery the hospital was demanding that I pay for my entire surgery upfront, as they didn't want to wait for an insurance payment. That very same day your company arranged to have payment for the entire cost of my surgery wired to the hospital. I was so relieved that I could focus on my surgery and recovery. There is so much more I could write about every positive interaction I had with your company, and how efficient you reply.

Donald E.
Hong Kong